Practice Areas

Complex Civil Litigation

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Ballinger Law Office has more than 22 years of experience with the defense of Fortune 500 companies in nationwide, complex product liability litigation.

Real Estate Fraud Litigation

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Ballinger Law Office represents purchasers of oceanfront real estate in the Ginn sur Mer development on Grand Bahama Island, prosecuting RICO fraud claims against real estate and financing entities connected with the development.  

Executive Witness Preparation

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Ballinger Law Office works with senior executives of Fortune 500 companies to prepare for deposition and trial testimony in litigation and regulatory contexts.

Corporate Legal Risk Planning

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Ballinger Law Office advises clients on legal and regulatory considerations affecting key business decisions.  Grounded in a detailed understanding of the client, its business and the operative legal and regulatory environment, this analysis guides clients in identifying legal risks and formulating multiple levels of response planning.  The analysis focuses on areas that include financial, infrastructure and technology, social and political, legal and regulatory, industry and competitors, and stakeholder interests.

Litigation and Discovery Management

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Ballinger Law Office advises clients in the development of litigation-management plans, with an emphasis on strategic considerations and cost control.  

Ballinger Law Office advises clients in the development of affirmative discovery plans for complex litigation, including identification of strategic priorities and implementation of phased discovery.

Ballinger Law Office advises clients in the development of strategies for responding to discovery in complex litigation, including the creation of programs and infrastructure designed to increase efficiency, control costs and minimize impact to ongoing business.

Strategic Litigation Evaluation

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Ballinger Law Office guides clients through a strategic litigation evaluation process that begins with the identification of the elements of an adversary's best case, followed by development and testing of potential defense themes.  Clients create critical evaluation of facts, issues, documents and witnesses that are easy to use and become an integral part of the trial notebook.

Reputation & Crisis Management

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Ballinger Law Office represents clients navigating high-profile crisis situations, offering counseling on litigation implications, crisis-driven messaging, reputation management and rehabilitation.  The analysis focuses on considerations that include the integration of long-term litigation strategy and the litigation risks of crisis-driven corporate communications.  In the majority of engagements the fact of the representation does not become public.

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